Perform exercises for the sides and waist

Many often wonder: what exercises are suitable for the abdomen and sides. The answer depends largely on what is meant. If fat burning is meant, then it’s time to put an end once and for all – local fat loss does not exist!

That is, abdominal fat burning exercises can not be used for abdominal exercises, but for squats and lunges, fat burning on the legs and buttocks cannot help. All these exercises only help build muscle.

Fat burning occurs through proper nutrition and cardio workouts.

Where to start

Start with your lifestyle. During training it is very important to eat right, sleep a lot, less nervous.

Secondly, it is very important to clearly set the task. Do you want to lose weight or build muscle mass? Unfortunately, it is impossible to perform these two actions simultaneously.

Exercises for the abdomen and waist described in this article will be effective only with full training and proper nutrition.

Exercises for the sides

Under the definition of “side” can be understood several different things. If this word means excess fat that you want to remove from the sides, then the only advice would be proper nutrition and cardio workout.

But we will consider this definition in a more popular sense, namely the oblique abdominal muscles.

It is the oblique abdominal muscles that provide a beautiful and stressed waist.

The most popular 2 exercises: torso torso to the sides with dumbbells in hand, torso tilts lying on its side.

These exercises are the most powerful, but the growth of oblique muscles will lead to the growth of the waist, and this is undesirable for girls.

Therefore, here are some exercises that will suit girls to make oblique muscles stronger, but not more:

We set the legs wide, slightly bend them. Put your hands on the back of your head, lean to the right and left, while not turning the body.

We put our legs shoulder-width apart, we put our hands on the back of the head again. Rotate the body along a trajectory similar to a sine wave.

Now the exercise to be performed while sitting:

We stretch our legs in front of us, raise our arms forward. We stretch our hands to the feet, try to touch the floor to the right of the feet and to the left in turn.

Exercises to be performed while lying on your back:

Bend the legs at the knees, unfold them to the left or right, we clamp the ball with them. We raise our hands to the back of the head and try to lift the body up, pressing the waist to the floor.

We try to raise the legs bent at the knees to the chin, while taking them to the side in order to try to touch the shoulder at the end of the movement. Take turns to perform in different directions, hands hold behind your head.

Bend the knees, abut the heel of the right foot in the left knee. The left hand should be on the back of the head, the right hand should be near the thigh, palm up. We try to reach the elbow of the left hand to the knee.