Muscle pain after exercise

Do muscles hurt after training – is it good or bad? For what reason does it occur during training, and for what reason? These interesting questions will be answered in this article.

There are two types of pain:

  • The pain that occurs during exercise (muscle burning);

The pain that occurs a day after exercise, during recovery

The pain in the muscles the next day or every other day is not an indicator of your progress. And contrary to popular belief, the muscles after exercise the next day due to lactic acid are also not true, because lactic acid a minute after doing the exercise is utilized and in the mitochondria it no longer remains.

There is also a theory that muscles after a workout are destroyed and after that they are restored with overcompensation, because of which they become larger, and hence we have pain. And this is also not true.

The muscles ache because of the so-called lysosomal enzyme that binds to the pain receptors inside the skeletal muscles. Late pain in the mouse, which occurs a day and more, is a consequence of the activity of the phagocytic cells that our body sends to those areas where the decay products from sarcoplasmic hypertrophy remained.

When working for strength, as a rule, there is no pain, but the muscles grow, because the muscles tighten. And when working on volume, as bodybuilders do, it stores liquid in the fibers. So phagocytes devour all the decay products that can be devoured there, as a result of which this muscle pain appears.

If you evaluate the effectiveness of your workouts by the level of post-training pain – this is a dead end! There is pain or not – it does not matter much. Professionals have no pain, but the results increase. It is also possible that the muscles can hurt and the result will not grow.

muscle pain after a workout As a rule, beginners in a particular sport at first feel this pain all the time. This is due to the fact that the body is not used to such a load. Want to get rid of this pain – exercise more often. Let your muscles get used to this load.

It happens that such pain does not go away for 3-4 days after exercise – here you can recommend a massage, a bath, a sauna or a contrast shower, which promotes blood circulation. Also, do not forget about cardio workouts in your program. Just do not use intensive cardio when training to increase muscle mass.