Jumping rope for weight loss: tips and tricks

Jump rope comes back to us from childhood, but not for fun games in the yard, but for the most real trainings. After all, it relieves stress, reduces weight, increases endurance and keeps the figure in excellent shape.

Do you know how useful this accessible mini-simulator can be?

Athletes regularly include jumping rope in their workout. Boxers, basketball players, athletes – everyone uses this simple simulator to develop endurance and strengthen the muscular frame.

Of course, jumping rope is unlikely to once be able to enter the program of the Olympic Games, but they can claim to be one of the most useful lessons. After all, jumping rope is of great benefit because it allows you to effectively combine the load, which can be obtained only from running, athletic jumping dance.

In addition, jumping rope evoke memories of a fun past childhood. The use of jump rope can be one of the types of aerobic exercise, and can also complement other workouts. But do not forget that jumping by itself requires some stamina.

You should not also overload yourself with workouts for the first time. Training with a rope perfectly strengthens the cardiovascular system.

So, after a month of training, you will get rid of shortness of breath and high blood pressure, if any. The fact that such exercises lead the figure in order for a few months and can not speak.

How to choose the “right” rope

At its core, the rope is a simple simulator, but its purchase requires some knowledge. It is not necessary to take the rope immediately under the arm.

The length should be selected, focusing on growth. So if the length of the rope is short or too long, you will not be able to fully train.

There are two ways to select the “right” simulator.

Method number 1

To determine the desired length, you will need to take the ends of the rope in hand, then your hands should be stretched forward at right angles. The rope should be in contact with the floor, and not lie down and hang over it.

Method number 2

The ends of the rope should be picked up, and in the middle stand on her feet. Next, you should pull the ends up, if they reach the level of the armpits, then you have taken the appropriate option.

Handles in size and shape should be suitable for you, they can not be cracked and scratched. To improve the effectiveness of training suitable jump rope made of PVC (colorless, transparent plastic).

Basic exercise technique with a rope

Jumping rope provides a huge selection of various techniques. So athletes who train for years are able to perform real acrobatics with this simulator.

The jump rope helps to keep arms and legs in good shape, swing the press and keep the entire muscular frame in good shape. According to leading fitness instructors, for beginners, three fifteen-minute sessions per week will suffice.

Jumps by turns

Using the above technique, you should perform jumps in turns, then on one, then on the other leg. This exercise helps develop coordination.

Combined jumps

This technique of jumping consists in alternating basic and alternate exercises. This is done according to the scheme: the left leg is two legs, the right leg is two legs.

High jumps

Technique is similar to alternate jumps. Only when the left foot touches the ground, you need to raise the knee of the right foot high.

High jumps are very intense loads.

Combining all these exercises can be made into an effective fifteen minute workout.

Jump rope – the enemy of belly fat

If you are not the first month trying to lose weight, the rope will help you solve this problem even better than swimming or a bicycle. With belly fat leaves the most problematic.

Therefore, for the burning of body fat should be used intense training. Jump rope is a small but powerful enemy for sagging belly.

jumping rope press

The main thing to remember is that the more jumps you make, the better the training will be, the faster the fat deposits will be burned.

Simultaneously with the muscles of the press, a jump rope will help strengthen the breathing apparatus. Only fifteen-minute workouts three times a week you will not do.

You need to jump every day. Only persistent training will give an amazing result. About what miracles creates rope, say no.

Many years struggle with obesity diets and exhausting workouts, and achieve results only with a skipping rope. According to cardiologists, jumping rope is a traditional cardio workout.

With its help you can exert the strongest loads on the body and achieve your goals in losing weight. Only in one session for 10-15 minutes, you can burn about two hundred calories.