Complex exercises: “morning exercises”

We all want to be young and completely healthy for many years. For the body and soul to be young, to meet every morning with joy, you need to do exercises.

Proper morning exercise not only invigorate the body, but also activates mental activity.

What is morning exercise for? What does she give?

Absolutely everyone knows that sport is a very useful thing. But how useful is morning exercise for our body?

After awakening, the person is still sleepy, and his body is lethargic. Morning exercises can effectively stimulate the whole body, give it a charge of activity for the whole day.

But more importantly, charging in the morning increases the flow of oxygen into the human body, and this in turn increases the efficiency of the human brain.

We need morning exercises for the following reasons:

  • Charging is a way not only to improve and strengthen the body, but to the elementary awakening of a person.
  • Charging helps to improve blood circulation, which means that it activates all systems of our body.
  • Due to the morning charge metabolism accelerates. Calories during the day will be spent sooner.

Charging tempers

Charging works out discipline.

Charging increases performance and simply improves mood (joy hormones are released into the blood).

Despite all the benefits of charging, many people do not want to do it, looking for a thousand reasons for shirking. Consider the most common and give a counter.

Warm-up exercises

The most important requirement is correct charging. Before the main exercises, it is necessary to do a warm-up.

knead the neck muscles

It is about tilting the head to the right and left, back and forth, and then make the rotation head. The final touch is head rotation. Such exercises must be performed slowly, slowly.

Arms and shoulders

Here you need to perform rotation of the shoulder joints of each in turn, and then the same rotation is performed at once by both shoulder joints. After you lift up your arms and stretch well.

Next come the rotation of the arms in the elbow joints. After there are rotation of the hands. Completes all the familiar to each exercise “scissors”.


They also run left and right and back and forth. After the arms are stretched straight ahead and the palms are woven into a “lock”. Perform a body twist. Finish everything with a spin.


Start by rotating your knee joints. Further rise on socks and fall, doing the springing movements.

Morning gymnastics

Exercises will consist of three segments.

Gymnastics press

To do this, lie down either on the floor or on a special mat.

Raise the torso, keeping your back straight. After performed twisting.

Without lifting the waist from the floor surface, the legs are lifted. Legs can not bend, they must be absolutely straight.


Perform 20 any jumps in one place. Jumping with legs crosswise, back and forth, or simple jumps will do.

Jump as many times on one leg, that is, 20 times on the right and 20 times on the left.


Keep your legs as wide as you can. At the same time, bend one leg and keep the other leg straight.

The stretch itself passes through light springy movements that do not cause discomfort. Exercise hold with each leg.

Standing upright, put your hands on your belt. Stand on the socks and when inhaling, spread your hands in different directions. Lunge and follow forward.

It is necessary to touch the palm to the floor. When exhaling, return to the original position.

Sit on the floor. Legs also position as widely as possible. Alternately bend down to the toe of each leg.

Lie on the floor on your stomach and bend at the knees. Next, raise your upper body and grab the ankles.

In this position, a few seconds to swing and return to its original position. Repeat several times.

Lie on your back. Legs bent at the knees. The ambassador’s knees should be touched alternately on each side, but the blade cannot be torn off the floor.